Lake Wanaka Half Ironman

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Getting into a Routine

Follow me on my Half Ironman training and #100DaysOfTri journey’s concurrently. Here is how my week unfolded.

Unfortunately with the cancellation of the Wellington Half I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do with myself event wise.

I’m looking at potentially doing the Buller Marathon. This event has always held special place in my heart. It was possibly the first marathon I was ever aware of due to growing up on the West Coast and as I was born in Westport it would be good to go back and do the event one day. Hmmmm……something to ponder and maybe do…..alternatively Lake Wanaka Half Ironman is in the back of my mind as well.

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#100DaysOfTri Day 24

After having a busy day at work, I spent too long working on Qwik Kiwi stuff and almost ran out of time to get a workout done, but popped down to the pool for a lazy 2,000 yd swim.



#100DaysOfTri Day 25

Due to commitments in the evening and a busy day, I only had a limited window to get my run in and with the thermometer pushing close to 30!!! I got out and did a lazy 30min run.


#100DaysOfTri Day 26

Not wanting to get myself into the same situation as the previous couple of days I got up early and got out the door for my ride.


#100DaysOfTri Day 27

As my partner was getting up early and going to gym, I decided to get up and go for a run up the hills (more fun than doing work at 5:45am). I did my standard loop up the hill and as I was coming down, who did I see coming up to join me? There were no spin bikes unbooked so Rach changed her plan and went up the hill. As we were on a steep section I joined her walking back up the hill. I stopped my Garmin whilst we were walking and forgot to turn it back on once we started running. A beautiful morning made more special by the company.



#100DaysOfTri Day 28

With a number of days of training with no flexibility work, I planned a stretch session….then almost left it too late to do it, so I got to bed later than intended.



#100DaysOfTri Day 29

As I was spending the day with my daughter I got out the door for a lazy 30 minute run. Couldn’t fit any more in 🙁

#100DaysofTri Day 29 #coachray#qwikkiwi #bullermara #tritrainingnz #tritraining #tricoachnz #tricoach

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#100DaysOfTri Day 30

Sneaking a run in at the end of the day after I had dropped my daughter off. I got a great wee run in around the K Trig track at Pelorus Bridge. Very steep but ran all but a few steps of it. There is a bit of storm damage and some trees to climb over.

#100DaysOfTri Day 30 #coachray #qwikkiwi #ktrig #seeyououtthere #tricoach #tricoachnz #tritraining #tritrainingnz

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