Coach Ray’s Sufferings: I Get Over One Thing Then Get Struck Down With Another!!!

Last week I slowly started getting back into training after my mountain bike crash, and so that was my plan to continue that through this week. I was up in Auckland for a week of professional development and with traffic considerations I wasn’t able to get training in every day. I thought this would be a good thing to hold me back just that little bit more.

I started my training week with an early morning swim completing 2,000yds made up of 10x 200yds. I was really pleased with how this session went.

The next morning I got out in the dark to see if I was up for running yet. I ran just a few steps as part of my ‘testing’ to see if I was up to running and those few steps seemed promising. I had planned to aim for 20 minutes and if I couldn’t do that for my next session I would do a dedicated run/walk programme to ease back into running.

I struggled through 17 minutes of running which was enough to keep me happy).  Normally if I’m short in my session and I get back early I would go around the block to extend it. I really didn’t feel like doing so today. It truly was a struggle.

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Unfortunately that session was the beginning of the end. On Thursday I started getting tight up through my hip flexors and adductors (read groin). I also started getting flu/cold like symptoms very phlegmy in my throat etc.

By Friday evening I was struggling to walk and then over the weekend I couldn’t lie in bed without pain. Coughing, sneezing etc all exacerbated the pain massively and life really was uncomfortable to say the least.

When I woke up feeling worse on Sunday, the first thing I googled was the opening hours of the After-hours medical clinic.  I got in there not long after they opened. The doctor in there suspected I’ve got an internal infection and already the antibiotics and pain relief are working their magic.

As of time of writing I’ve also been seen at my normal medical clinic and the doctor there agreed with the After-hours doctor.  Things are continuing to progress well.

The most frustrating thing is I got my Stryd running power meter on Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to do anything more than unbox it and charge it ready for when I can go for a run. But that is a few days away and might not happen this week. So here is a wee teaser for you, as I’m going to be writing a whole blog series about training for running utilising a power meter. Keep an eye out for that in the future.


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