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Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Slow Return to Training

I had to really focus on not pushing myself too early last week as I started feeling good. Probably on Thursday I could have gone for a workout, but chose not to, instead waiting until Friday.

I made it a light session.  2,000 yards in the pool just to get back into the swing of things.

On Saturday my partner and I travelled down the West Coast to attend a function in Rapahoe, so I had a day where no training was conducted.  Next morning, whilst everyone was feeling the effects of the night, before I got up and went for a wee run (I threw my running shoes in just in case I felt like doing a wee run like this).

It certainly was a spur of the moment thing and I could have easily stayed in bed but I’m so glad I got up. The run wasn’t perfect and I’m certainly not 100% yet but it felt good to get moving again, unlike the 17 minutes of struggling I did up in Auckland.


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