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The Top 10 Training Articles on for 2017

What are the most popular articles on as decided by you the reader for 2017? Read on to find out.

In a contrast to 2016 which was truly a mixed bag of articles, 2017 has been dominated by swimming articles being read more than other articles, so as a bonus at the end I’ve got the Top 3 for each of swim, bike and run.

Number 10 – 50’s for Top End Speed
Number 9 – 25’s for Top End Speed
Number 8 – Training Intensity

Despite being one of the original posts I published back in 2015 this was still popular in 2017.

Number 7 – Broken 400’s
Number 6 – Build 300’s To Get You Race Ready
Number 5 – The Perfect Body Weight Strength Training Session For Marathon Runners & Triathletes

Even though this was published in the second half of December in the two weeks it was live on my website this article (and workout) managed to climb into the Top 5!

Number 4 – 200’s

Number 3 – 100’s and 50’s to Sustain Your Swimming Pace

It’s was published in December but in the last four weeks this article (& workout) has managed to climb it’s way to the No 3 spot.

Number 2 – This Strength Workout Will Enhance Your Triathlon and Marathon Performances
Number 1 – 250’s for Stamina

Running Workouts

Number 3 – Yasso 800’s
Number 2 – Run with Power: Benefits and Why
Number 1 – 4-3-2-1 VO2 Max

Cycling Workouts

Number 3 – Gale Bernhardt’s Miracle Intervals Session 1
Number 2 – Pedalling Efficiency
Number 1 – 4x 12 Minute Threshold Intervals

So there it is, the TOP 10 articles from for 2017. How many of these workouts have you done? If you like these workouts and go out and do them, feel free to share your Strava links in the comment section below.

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