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Lisa’s Journey, Week 3: Mind games, is it all in your head…?

Whale RunIt was nice to have Monday off work, for Queenie’s birthday, but unfortunately not off workout and I really could not be bothered! My workout was ever so slightly longer, and I’d already told myself, “it’s going to be much harder, and I probably won’t even be able to do it”.

Haha some people play mind games with others.  I just play them with myself. I’d already talked myself out of it, but I got on the treadmill and did it anyway.

It wasn’t easy and I’m aware that when my heart rate gets up to 170/172, I want to get off, but with a brief walk I can get it down to a more comfortable beat again. I did my first 4.5km run/walk in a looong time.  I still don’t feel like a runner though. My lovely wifey explained that when I put on my shoes and run, I’m definitely a runner.  I think I’m more like what Elmer Fudd would call me – a ‘wunner’ (walk/runner). I felt pretty chuffed though, as just a couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to catch my own shadow!!

Whale RunSo the rest of the week went like this:

Tuesday woke up, went to get up and something twinged in my neck.  Stiff and sore neck. Few thoughts initially  “NOT AGAIN” (wasn’t what I actually said, but this is a family show!!) Then, OMG I HAVE to run, NEED to run tomorrow.

So Heat, heat and more HEAT, (plus some good strong painkillers). Stretching it out that night felt good and my neck didn’t feel too bad.

The dog decided she’d help me out a little by taking up most of the mat doing her take on the downward dog (really she was hiding from the cat, who was also assisting me in my stretching, but I played along).

Whale RunWhale Run


Whale RunI have missed a couple of the stretching days due to life, but I know it’s pretty important! I know I need to do them to help avoid injury. And I see what Ray’s doing here.  My workouts are sneakily increasing in length.  Well DUH, of course that’s going to happen!!! But I liked the short easy runs!! Tonight’s one, actually made my thighs hurt. And have you ever noticed how long a minute takes to go by when you’re running, but how quickly the rest period goes, however the view from window was good, and a damn sight warmer!

Okay, I have confession.  This ‘week’ I ate like crap!!!! I could blame my sweet tooth. I could blame my husband and children’s great baking they did and the colder winter weather. I could point the finger in the other direction, but at the end of the day no one held me at gunpoint and said eat that delicious homemade piece of banana cake (even if it was smaller than I’d normally have) or the afghan, or eat the sausage roll for lunch, or the bit(s) of chocolate. Yes I enjoyed it at the time, but right after wished I hadn’t. And certainly not a few more hours later when you think you’re exercising on a empty stomach, push your body, and all you can feel is all your bad choices sitting high in your throat, and you puke in your mouth a little, all the while cursing yourself for having no self control, when it comes to food!  Tomorrow is another day!!!!! I do know it’s nearly ‘that time of the month’ too where, I do love you, but I also crave sweeter food, my patience is shorter and my motivation wavers. But I’m onto to myself!!! No more overthinking any workouts!

– Lisa Harris

Lisa will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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