Transforming Tash: You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. You can’t out train a bad diet. Food is fuel. Quotes I’ve heard before and always they didn’t apply to me. If I did an hour of training then surely I could reward myself with a glass of wine. Wrong. I found out this week that consuming alcohol stops your body from burning fat for up to 72 hours. Three whole days of wasting my time and energy just for that one or two (ok potentially three) glasses of wine. What the hell am I doing? Do I like to sabotage myself? Do I intentionally set out to fail? Gosh girl come on, get it together and achieve more in your life.

This week I made the promise to myself to really begin to look after myself. If I couldn’t find the time to exercise due to a crazy work schedule then I would at least eat right so at least I had something working in my favour. I cut out gluten, cut out alcohol and actually started to eat more often, less processed and more fresh. Within a few days I noticed the bloating had started to reduce, and for those that know me know this one actually makes me a little sad, but I stopped burping like a man haha.

I went to a nutrition and health seminar at my gym this week. I took my daughter along with me and it was great to see the messages of importance of being active resonating with her. She had to write a speech for school and it was all about being active.

So, this week I commit to continuing to fuel my body for success. Oh and do the training that has been set for me!

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