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Rebecca Run’s: Princess Highway

It was back to work this week. So depressing after my week in Melbourne. Actually, I quite like my job most of the time and my boss is so cool and clever and beautiful and not that short (yes, she’s…

Rebecca Runs: 10 Things I Hate About Running

I went for zero runs this week. Zero. I considered running home from the Business Awards on Saturday night in my heels just so I could blog about one run at least. But then I remembered I’m not a 19…

Rebecca Runs: Crisis Averted

So I almost reached a crisis point on my journey this week. My passport arrived and the photo (which I trusted my husband to take) was next-level horrendous. I was almost confronted with the uncomfortable reality that I am chubby….

Rebecca Runs: Got The Runs

I haven’t actually [got the runs]. What I had was a vision of myself doing something as ridiculous as completing the Toi’s Challenge – an 18km course across town, bush, beach and farmland. Perhaps it was a forgotten dream even,…

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