Lisa’s Journey, Week 20: In Sickness and In Health…

What a week!  Luckily I went for eight whole minutes and 33 seconds longer on my midweek bike ride, because I’ve done sweet f.a. since.

I had a sick kid come home from school camp, and just when it looked like she might start to humanise, down went the other one.

Now I’m thinking I really am jinxed when it comes to holidays.  We haven’t been on a proper ‘family one’ in years and in the last one I managed to pick up a hideous chest infection. So my enthusiasm was fading fast as both kids ate next to nothing (sure sign my two aren’t well), and did nothing but snuggle and mooch on the couch, burning up like little fireballs, all the while shivering and saying they were cold.

We moved our departure date out, and out again and they were average.  I hoped they’d keep on improving, so decided we were going for it.   Only I woke feeling average the next morning. **SIGH**

As we ventured further into the deep south – long story short, I wasn’t on death’s bed, but felt like shit, 1: because I was sick, 2: because I couldn’t go and do any exercise, because I lacked a: any energy to do it, and b: I could hardly breath sitting still, so wasn’t about to risk a run. Which lead me back to 1: so accepted my fate, sort of.

I spent a small fortune in a health store, probably because the sales assistant was so lovely and I always tend to buy something if they’re nice, just because, but I informed her I needed to get better and yesterday would be great!

I walked out with my paper bag of potions, feeling like a modern witch, ready to zap these bugs! I probably nearly overdosed on Vit C, and the ‘De-Stuff’ – a herbal mix of total foul tasting natural nastiness. I think it was so gross no bug would want to stay. Miraculously I woke the next morning feeling much better (was possibly on the mend, but not the point)!

By this stage I hadn’t exercised for a few days and my mood was changing.  I was still not feeling up to a run so as a last resort I jumped on our friend’s E-bike, and whizzed effortlessly round the block. He’s an engineer so it’s turbo charged. I’ve not ridden an e-bike before, but by hell I’ll be getting one when I’m too old to use my legs.  They are cool, especially when they’re fast!

I did think when I got back that the cold night air probably wasn’t my smartest move, as it’d made my chest hurt and I started to cough, but it was my last resort and with minimal energy I was taking what I could get!

Today worked out perfect with a nice fast jet boat ride for a good blow out.  Then with everyone entertained, I took off to have my first run in what felt like a long time.  I wasn’t even sure I still could, but what better place to try than in Glenorchy!  I’d been eyeing the track and boardwalk from the road every time we drove in and out, so I was actually pretty excited to finally not only get to do a run, but in this beautiful setting. I even had my own ‘tour guide’ in the form of a random shaggy grey dog, who accompanied me most of the way. She met me at the start and then disappeared probably only in the last 500 metres.

Could think of worse places to run
Hot but Happy

So all’s well that ends well! Happy and wind burnt!

PS: Sorry about too many pics [you can never have too many pictures of scenery like that – Coach Ray]

– Lisa Harris

Now that Lisa has completed the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run, she has agreed to continue writing to continue to inspire other people out there to get started and make a positive change. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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