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Welcome to my blog as I continue my journey towards the Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.

This last week has seen me visit the Physio who had me do a range of movements whilst studying my shoulder.  When I explained where the pain or discomfort was, she advised me not to worry about that.  Pain doesn’t necessarily come from where it is injured. After almost an hour long session and tape in place, with a whole lot of exercises to do for strengthening I was on my way with a follow up appointment after the upcoming ultrasound. So it will be interesting to see how it develops so Coach Ray can get me back into swimming.

Coach Ray also left me to manage my own training this week. I had arranged this with him for over the weekend of Friday to Monday as I was heading to Australia for a family wedding.  For those that read last week’s blog you will be aware I fell and it took me until Tuesday for my energy levels to come right.  As such I mixed the week’s training up with exercycle, treadmill, running on the road and walking with Mel.

This was particularly so once we arrived in Melbourne.  We enjoyed a long walk along the river that flows through downtown Melbourne.  I also loved running in the area.

For those familiar with Melbourne, you will be aware it has excellent cycle and running / walking tracks along the river.  It is such a beautiful city.

Stay tuned team as I let you know how the ultrasound and physio goes as I head to the second event of eight for the Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series, being the IronMaori Quarter Ironman in the first weekend of November.


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