Lisa’s Journey, Week 21: Next week… will be a better week!!!

This week is not about how much exercise I’ve done, because there’s been not much (said in a whisper, because I don’t even like saying it).  So there’s been one run to follow my Glenorcy run.  It was along the beautiful Lake Te Anau edge, as a storm brewed in the hills. We were all still fighting bugs and energy wasn’t abundant!

It took a good hour and half of self talk, husband motivation – “just go and do it already”, and the impending darkness to actually get out the door. Rugged up, only to find that it wasn’t as cold as it looked, so then had to de-rug. It is so nice to run in new places and the paved path along the lake front is awesome. However being in a new town, brings about a height of ‘awareness’.

You’ve gotta build a rock stack!!! [Glenorchy]
I don’t know why I started worrying about being attacked or kidnapped. Maybe it’s because of the movies, FaceBook headlines or just the news in general, plus it was getting darker out, but I’d convinced myself the car I’d walked past on the way to the lake, that had two ‘shady looking’ men in it (I don’t know if they were shady or not), were following me. It helped me to keep running however and when the same car passed me a little later down the road, I’m not sure if it was fear or running that made my heart pound.  As the car drove off and never returned I reminded myself to stop being a complete dick and just get on with it, all the while reciting the sign we’d seen at a cafe “fat people are harder to kidnap – eat the cake”. Maybe I was worried because I hadn’t eaten the cake. (Pat on the back to me!)

Lake Te Anau – it snowed the next day! We’d left, kids were gutted!!

When I passed anyone on the track I did try not to seem at all puffed, and if they were to take me on, therefore look like I’d still had a lot of energy to fight them off or at least be able to pull off ‘flight mode’, (I’d probably have more chance at playing dead, but they don’t know that). I did however not run any further than the large trees at the far end of lake and turned and stayed close to the lights and houses. Haha so brave!

So yeah, this week has been average. Training has been next to nothing and I’m feeling it. I’m hoping that once these bugs go and that time of the month goes, I will get my motivation and energy back to get my butt out the door. Life will be rosey again.

My pie charts on Training Peaks are becoming very ‘multi coloured’, which is pretty to the eye, however I do strive to have mostly green, which means I’m completing set tasks. So I’m also feeling a little pissed about that. But I’ll get myself back together soon, because I have the triathlon to do in 5 weeks. I’m lucky Ray’s busy, as I haven’t been told off yet! [just letting you recover as I want you 100% before we push the envelope – Coach Ray] But then, I know it’d probably be something along the lines of what we all know is true – you get out what you put in!


More scenic lake photos, because I love lakes and scenery photos!!!






– Lisa Harris

Now that Lisa has completed the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run, she has agreed to continue writing to continue to inspire other people out there to get started and make a positive change. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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