Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Bringing the speed!

Bringing the speed!

After the test week last week I’ll be honest – my legs were in bits, haha. I was elated and worried about the results I produced. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the Brownlee brothers will be sweating yet, but for me it was a big jump in fitness that I wasn’t expecting so soon with my time with Ray. I analyse my training quite a bit so all weekend I was looking at my new training zones and comparing my current training to what Ray had planned for me this week.

A couple of key sessions took my eye which brings me to the title of this blog. I really liked the look of the speed session for the run. I completed this workout Tuesday, the day after my rest day as I wanted to go into the session as fresh as possible. Well safe to say I smashed it! Absolutely loved the session, but was it bloody tough! Bring it on next week!

My swim is also going in the right direction I feel.  I would love to be able to get in the pool more.  With my background of swimming I definitely feel more “at home” with the water than on land. This week’s session was 8 x 200m with 30RI. 1 to 4 progressing in speed then repeat. I found this one quite hard to be honest for a couple of reasons. Firstly the lane was that busy with various swimmers of different abilities.  Consequently it was tough to keep a consistent pace and show progression in each 200m. Secondly, I don’t know whether it’s because I’m only swimming once a week or something else, but I don’t seem to be pacing my swims well. I’ll work on that over the coming weeks.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet week this week with not much else to report. So far I’m all green with a busy weekend planned for training. Check in next week to see how it goes.

– Mike Catton

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