Mikes Middle Distance Magic: The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

I’m abit late writing this weeks blog, sorry Ray it doesn’t give you much time to edit my spelling mistakes! Haha.

The main reason I’m writing this article Saturday morning is the last 5 or more weeks I just haven’t been doing the long session in the morning which has either resulted in me either having to do it on an evening when tired or more often than not resulting in me missing the session and leaving a big ugly red session on my Training Peaks account!

Well Saturday I was determined to do the session in the morning!


I’ve been doing all my bike sessions on Zwift now winter has kicked in. So I made sure my turbo, clothes, iPad etc etc was all set up. And alarm was set for 4.45am. In hope for a 5am start on the bike!

All went to plan and i was on the bike at 5 and actually surprisingly enjoyed getting up, hearing the birds sing and peddling away in the garage.

I’d done it, a long bike and all done before 8am and a green session in the morning ticked off! Probably sounds abit pathetic to most but it’s a big step forward for me!

For as long as I can remember I make excuse after excuse to not get up and get the long sessions done in the morning. Which leaves me constantly thinking about what I have to do later in that evening and stressing about getting the kids in bed on time, what about if we are late back after a family day etc. Well not this weekend I had it done and I’m now spending the rest of the day with the family visiting a very important man that will be visiting our house in afew weeks. My feature pic will give that one away! So on that note I best get this article submitted and get my Christmas jumper on!

Check in next week to see my blog and process, thanks for reading as usual.

– Mike Catton

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