Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Family First!

I’ve been juggling an awful lot this week.  My daughter Ava is 4 and doing more training than me. I am writing this the day of her dance show and she has been rehearsing her socks off for 4 hours every night this week.  I’m so proud of her! On top of that it’s my eldest sons 6th birthday today. How can I train when there’s more important things like building Lego and eating birthday food? Haha.

That being said I’ve tried my best to fit as much training as possible in. So far it’s not gone too bad!

My swim went well.  All 100m sets were way under CSS pace so I’m happy with that and to be honest I’m really enjoying the pool swims. They are going well and I am feeling good before and after.  Hopefully this will continue.

My bike sessions definitely haven’t gone to plan this week. Ray wants me to perform the recovery sessions at 90 plus RPM. In all honesty this is way out of my comfort zone being a grinder usually around 80RPM. It feels as if I’m going to jump off the bike and will definitely take some getting use to.   Due to my missus being with my daughter at dance rehearsals I have done the bike sessions inside the house.  My fan is pretty poor and I hope the reason I’m struggling to hit my power zones is because I’m overheating in the house. I’ll be back to the garage next week so hopefully I can hit the power numbers and that overheating was the reason – I hope!

There is not much to report on running as I’ve currently not done any running this week.  The big one I’m looking forward to is the long run. Currently I’m running up to 1 hour 40 mins. At my zone 2 pace this will be around 10 miles. My first double digit run for about 2 years, not counting my shuffles from half ironman and Isoman. So that will be a great confidence boost!

On that note I’m going to leave it at that this week.  Next week is a lot less family hectic and training should be back to normal. Once again thank you for taking the time to read this and to Ray for doing the training plan.  To keep tracking my progress I’ll be on Instagram under #qwikkiwi

– Mike Catton

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