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Welcome to my next blog for my journey to the Cameron Brown Award and the IronMaori  / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.  As you are aware I completed the 3 events for the IronMaori  / Port of Tauranga Legend Series, being the IronMaori Quarter Ironman in November, the IronMaori Half Ironman in December, and the Port of Tauranga Enduro Half Ironman in January, so now the focus becomes completing the Cameron Brown Award.

Thus far for this Award I have completed 2 out of 5 events being the Taupo Half Marathon in August, the Around Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in November and I am now focusing on the remaining 3 events being the Kinloch Olympic Distance Triathlon this month, followed by the Swim Across Lake Taupo later this month and finally the Ironman New Zealand at the start of March – busy times.

UltraHumpsIn the weekend though I had a trip down memory lane.  We returned to Wairoa, where Mel was previously stationed, for a farewell.  I had my bike in the car so completed my long bike training on the bike course I used to do.  It is slightly less than 20 kms round so after multiple laps to match Coach Ray’s time zone it was a pleasure to be there. Wairoa is renowned for its lighthouse by the river bridge in the centre of town and the river is great to train around.

Stay tuned team as this weekend I complete the Kinloch Olympic Distance Triathlon in (or near rather) Taupo, being the 3rd event for the Cameron Brown Award.

Regards John Humphries (aka Ultrahumps)

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for the Fallen Hero’s Trust

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