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Welcome to my weekly blog for my journey towards the Cameron Brown Award and the IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.

The past week has been busy with work activities, but I still have managed to complete Coach Ray’s training schedule.  The added bonus with having Wellington Anniversary weekend is that a lot of the roads were quiet in Upper Hutt when I was out training. Less cars and heavy vehicles on the road to keep in the back of my mind is always a bonus.  The flip side of course is that having a Statutory holiday on the Monday means the pool doesn’t open till 8am.  I can never sleep in being an insomniac, but I do appreciate a bit of glide time to get to the pool, however when you get to the pool at 8am you can’t help thinking you would have finished your swim by now if the pool had opened at the normal time…argh!

Once home for the weekend I completed Coach Ray’s training of a long bike ride in my home stomping ground of Waipukurau. Waipukurau is one of a few cities (town in this case) in the world that has an actual parallel running through the centre of it, and I am sure it hits the corner of our back section, this being 40 South. Magical navigational lines aside, one can never become sick of training in the Central Hawkes Bay, with massive views if you climb the few hills around where you can see for miles over the flats.

The only training hindrance I had this week was my HR Monitor giving up the ghost. It simply stopped working, yet it had been working fine the day before. There was no warning of a flat battery which there was to give me the opportunity to change it over the Christmas period. This mainly affects my cycle training where I train within a specific Heart Rate Zone. I tried removing it from my Garmin and reloading it, but it simply had called it quits. There was no way I was going to use it as an excuse to skip training.  I’d just have to let Coach Ray know and he’d be able to work it out via other data downloads into Training Peaks from my Garmin. A bit frustrating as it is a relatively new device, so we’ll have to see what they say when I return it. Fortunately I managed to borrow one and pair that to my Garmin a few days later.

Well stay tuned team as I head towards my next event for the Cameron Brown Award of my Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori  / Port of Tauranga Legend Series, being the Kinloch Olympic Distance Triathlon which is scheduled for Sunday 10 February 2019.

Regards John Humphries (aka Ultrahumps).


Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for the Fallen Hero’s Trust

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