Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Not A Good Week!

What can I say about this week! Well I suppose it is hard to write a weekly blog when I haven’t completed anything!

I’ll start with last week’s blog titled “The Kitchen Sink”. Well the sink was broken unfortunately with this one. I had massive pressure on myself to complete this workout. I thought it would put me in good stead with the amount of long sessions I have been missing all over winter, but it was not to be! This session was a big fat failure. I didn’t even get on the bike. There are many reasons I didn’t complete this session and I could reel them all off here. It was a big red mark on my Training Peaks account – a failed session.

Well I wish I could say I moved on from that and went on to smash the next session, which was “the long run”. Recently I’ve been loving this session, but this week I’ve simply not had time to train. I’ve been working non-stop full time. I have a part-time personal trainer job and I am currently studying every spare minute I get as I have my final sports massage exams this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On top of this are all the usual day to day family commitments. Some may say these are all excuses and in some ways I agree. However put simply I’m just feeling pretty down, stressed and fed up this week. By writing this I’m getting even more annoyed with myself and I’m hoping things will change next week when I’ve got no exams looming over me.

Next week I’m sure I’ll have something more upbeat to write about. It is four weeks till my first race and this is by far my worst week in training I’ve had in a long time!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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