Ali’s Adventure – Mental Tenacity

Drought, then rain. The trails are open, but it’s so wet you need goggles out there. So inside the ‘Training Cave’ it is.

Day one, novelty factor. i-Pad and some good music to get me through. No head winds and no traffic. Loving it.

Day two. It’s dark, kids in bed and 9pm. An endurance ride coupled with Netflix. Still coping.

Day three. Not so motivated, butt is sore. The ‘Cave’ is muggy and I’ve sweated 25 litres of sweat. The kids are laughing and it’s not looking very pretty around here!

Day four. I’m on the windtrainer, kids are hooning around in front of me hucking off the ramp on mini bikes. A reprieve on the mental front – the rain looks to be stopping.

Day five.  It’s still raining, but I have every kind of water repellent clothing on and I’m off to the mountain bike park to train. You never know what the weather will throw at you on race day. So puddles and muddy face it is!

The rest of the weekend is forecast rain, but I’m ready for it. Well, maybe. I’ll tell you after my 3 hour endurance ride on Sunday.

– Ali

Ali is writing about her experience preparing for the K2M.  Join her with her weekly article about her training and experience.

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