Ali’s Adventure – Persistence And Dedication Pays Off

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and persistence. …

Sometimes, you wonder whether the training is actually working. All the hours in the saddle, laps of the pool, miles on the trails. The days when you aren’t sure if you’re getting any fitter, faster, stronger. This week, wasn’t one of those weeks. This week was the “Ah ha” week. Finally, things are shining through, my legs carried me faster, further and I felt fitter than previous weeks.

It pays to be persistent, to remain dedicated and to just keep on putting in the hard work. To believe in the training (thanks Coach Ray) and remain focused. Because when you do the results come. Often they don’t come as fast as you would like, but all of a sudden it just all comes together. I finally have my climbing legs back. This is especially important to me after tearing my MCL at the end of last year. Building miles and remaining on course has been a challenge whilst being injured, but that persistence has got me through. On one run this week, I glanced at my watch and I was running 4:30kms. It didn’t feel like that. It felt comfortable and smooth. I had a little smile to myself and held my form and had a little “s*&t-yeah” moment when Strava gave me crude gratification in the form of PR’s.

Now I’m back on kid week, so hello to my wind-trainer again (OMG kill me now) and the outdoor pool has closed so it’s back to sharing lanes with the over 70’s and the rest of Nelson. But I’m going to remain dedicated and persistent, because the intrinsic motivation is high.

Next weekend I’m going to ride some of the K2M course. I’ve ridden most of it before, but this time I’ll give it a bit more serious consideration. The full-sus enduro bike will be racked and out will come the 29r hard tail. I’m a speed freak from way back so this is going to be fun!

Getting the hill legs back and loving it!

– Ali

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