Lisa’s Journey, Week 47: Happy Easter!!

This last week I’ve felt a decline in my dedication to the cause, that being my biking. It’s times like this, I wish I was a bear so I had a legit reason to eat lots, gain weight and sleep it off over the winter. Argh, this is all happening, but I’m not a bear!!

I have had a constant stream of family coming and going over the last week and it has been fantastic. I got to meet a new wee family member, hubby came home, I got my big boy home for Easter, my dad got the all clear from his heart op for five years, and I’ve just generally been enjoying the holidays. Then I realised a week had passed and I hadn’t biked nor written this…

I know this is no way to achieve my goals and get my ‘bikers legs’, but my heart is full and that to me right now, is gold! I did go for a bike ride tonight. It was great plus I managed to be inzone a little too…

Wishing you all a very happy Easter. We’re looking forward to Sunday, as it’s the only day of the year we get to eat chocolate for breakfast! If you’re travelling – be safe out there!!!

Lisa x

In 2018 Lisa took up the challenge of getting fit to do the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. That ticked off, she has agreed to continue writing with the hope that she can inspire even the most stubborn (such as herself) to get out there, set challenges and make positive change in their life. No one said it will be easy, but it will be worth it!!

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