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Month: May 2019

Friday Fartlek Run: Special K’s – Cut Down K’s

Doing 1km reps is very popular with triathletes and runners to improve speed. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to Half Marathon in distance.

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

This week I had one of my Races. The Tasman Secondary Schools Cross Country race. The one against all the high schools in the top of the South Island of NZ. Just coming back from a weeks rest due to…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Emma Kate’s Strength Booster

This is a windtrainer session that is great for a developing your specific cycling strength which will help you ride hills and in big gears. Although targeted at Half Ironman or Ironman 70.3 triathletes it will also benefit other triathletes, mountain bikers and road cyclists too.

Lisa’s Journey, Week 52: A Year On…

I just noted the date, and it would seem I started this ‘Journey’ a year ago… I have to say it’s been one interesting, exciting, tiring, impossible feeling, frustrating, self discovering, persuasive, trustworthy insightful, and slightly disappointing year of ‘getting…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Olympic Race Report

Where do I start with this. What a race venue and race Epic Events have put on with this race. It was the 8th addition and is a triathlon England National Championship, an ETU standard distance qualifier for the ETU…

Ali’s Adventure – Race Prep

Not much else you can do the day before a race, training wise that is, apart from rest up! The main goal this week was to look after my sick kids and not get sick myself. With two down and…

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