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Not much else you can do the day before a race, training wise that is, apart from rest up! The main goal this week was to look after my sick kids and not get sick myself. With two down and out, off school and high temperatures, I invested in hand sanitiser and Detol wipes. With the erg set up in the garage, I still managed to get in all the key sessions this week, thank goodness for the iPad to entertain the sickies!

Weather is looking fantastic for race day, tick! Bike has had a once over, tick. Race pack to collect on way home, tick. Race plan, tick. Nutrition (thanks NUUN), tick!

I’m looking forward to this one, it’s a new race and off road, so it’s going to be a great challenge slightly out of the norm (no skinny tyres in sight!). So nice to do something that’s only one discipline for a change too. And probably a bit weird that there will be no T2 and off for a run! I am looking at this as part of the big picture though, the 12 month plan of qualifying for Triathlon Sprint World Champs (Age Group). Having races like this help me stay focused, but seeing them as part of a larger project also allows you to set benchmarks and track progress. From here I’ll be able to see how I’m tracking for that bigger picture.

But for now, just got to get from point A to point B on Saturday in the fastest way possible…with a big smile on my face! 

– Ali

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