UltraHumps: Charity Ride

Hi blog followers and welcome to my next blog where I have found a charitable cause to wreck my body, well probably more test my mental resilience than anything else, all in the name of charity…

With following my blogs, you know by now I am deployed overseas, and it is quite often one of the Nations picks up on a charity to fund raise for, and it always involves something physical of course. In my blog UltraHumps: Desert Rider (dated 14 May 2019) a couple of the guys from another Nation go riding with us, of which I bludge a road bike from them for a packet of Tim Tams, unfortunate for me and my boss, one is in a cycling development squad in his homeland and the other is almost a pro-triathlete, so both are out of my league, but great guys. They happened to mention about a Charity Bike Ride where they raised funds for their Defence Force Association to help their personnel in need. Pay your entry fee they said, don’t worry about the exchange rate cause it will multiply your kiwi dollars, but you’ll get a free top and a medal. Job done, I said to my boss lets do it. Of course it helps to find out what one is signing up for first and how.

The brief – “100 between the two of you as a team, you have to use an Exercycle (see main photo), and by the way it’s MILES not Kilometres, but got your entry, cheers”. By now my boss is ready to throttle me, but “hey there is a free top in it” I said. The jury is out on how this will finish for me, and I don’t just mean the bike ride. So come 15 June, it’s game on to keep the legs spinning.

So an update on my other crazy Challenges. I can report that the 195,000 steps on the Jacobs Ladder I have broken the 100,000+ mark, so supposedly I have broken the Camels back (excuse the pun being in the desert) on that one, and it is all down hill from there. The only problem with the Jacobs Ladder is that you don’t get to climb to get out of trouble, well your climbing steps alright but it’s a conveyor belt, so when this friendly snake came along, man did I ditch the Jacobs Ladder and I switched to Coach Ray’s Sprint Training, a result he would of been proud of, but my Physio wouldn’t of been so happy with.

As for the 1000 Km Run / Walk Challenge in six months, I have hit the 450 Km mark thus far, so things are on track, frustratingly though it has involved primarily walking due to the injury that I picked up, of an over-pronation in my left heel that keeps the Physio here employed. The Body For Life Challenge is also going well too, avoided all the junk food so far and loss my sweet tooth thoughts (pays to be a stubborn git lol).

Stay tuned team as I let you know how the Challenges go and the Charity Event Training. Regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for the Fallen Hero’s Trust.

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