Ali’s Adventure – Mixing Things Up

The weather has been pretty amazing leading into autumn with it being dry and sunny here at the top of the South. I’ve dragged in a few friends recently to tag along on some of my easy runs and rides.  The company has been much needed especially on longer runs.

So instead of just doing the usual loops, a little planning has taken me on some unbeaten trails I haven’t before ventured on. I highly recommend this if you’re getting bored of the same old stuff. Not only has it kept my motivation high, but with the off road running the change in terrain and elevation has kept my body honest and tested the stability of my ankles.

I have always been a huge believer in off road winter miles. It seems to really improve my base build strength.  My last run was up Mount Arthur in the Kahurangi National Park.  It was a loop from Flora carpark to Mt Arthur Hut, Flora Hut and return. 

The test for me is fuelling over the longer distances (and this is important for the racing coming up). I’m not a fan of gels, but chewing at race pace is too hard, so finding the perfect mix has been a challenge. I’ve been trialling Nuun for hydration and also on long rides figuring out that the good old cheese and jam sammie still seems to be the winner! Pre-loading on Vogels and peanut butter had to be changed to the large rice cracker and peanut butter after epic fails on the stomach front with bread the last few months.

I think the challenge come race day in a few weeks will be the change in temperature.  It’s going to be a cold start. So I’ve been trying to get out either really early or late evening to get used to the cold air in my lungs and the multiple layers I need to keep warm. Fair weather riding is now no longer on the cards with work and dark nights.  It’s time to harden up with wet weather just round the corner so, best I just get used to the cold before it really packs in.


Mount Arthur run

– Ali

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