Ali’s Adventure: Specificity Of Training

The closer I get to racing the more specific I try and get my sessions, particularly as the next race is on gravel. Trying to get as many bike sessions out on the trail and even better on sections of course, this allows me to see how well my legs will cope with this type of course and additionally psychologically prepare me as the more familiar with the course the more confident I feel. Check out the race here K2M.

I have only had the unpleasant pleasure of racing blind a couple of times, and even though I went ok, I just didn’t enjoy the race. Removing all unknown factors seems to allow me to focus on the pure enjoyment of the race experience and less of the anxiety of what the hell am I in for. Knowing every elevation and corner, the average pace I should be able to keep, all aiding that essential pre-race preparation. They say everyone can be similar prior to race day, but it’s those six inches between your ears that separates you on race day!

I have been sick with a rather nasty virus, and having a heart condition I have to take things pretty easy.  It’s been frustrating to say the least. I had cardiac surgery last May and another heart operation in June, so this race is pretty important to accomplish with a bit of the unknown looming ahead.  But after a few days in Golden Bay (and many a yoga and HIIT session as no bike and two kids), it was so good to head out on the roadie today. Average pace and watts were up, even though I felt a bit bleugh still. Now I just have to really concentrate on quality and consistency of training with only a few weeks to go till the next race. I’m even looking forward to getting back in the pool on Monday. An enforced bit of recovery and time off has actually been great for getting my motivation back to 100%. I have my trusty blackcurrant supplements which will help my immune system and keep the endurance side of things supported.

I’m excited for the next block of training.

– Ali

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