Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Positive Week!

After my blog last week I’ve really made a conscious effort to plan ahead and be more consistent in my training. Well it’s early days, but it’s positive so far!

This week has gone smoothly. I’ve completed all sessions so far this week and feel great. My confidence is definitely improving and hopefully the consistency will show improvements in the coming months leading up to the next two races.

These two races I’m treating as long training days, nutrition practice and pacing. I’ve written my goals on the whiteboard of my pain cave as a constant reminder of what I want to achieve in the next few weeks and I feel with “green” sessions and Ray’s guidance I should be able to achieve them!

The highlight of the week has to the long bike session on Sunday. I did the first 45 minutes on the trainer (with company). My three kids did 15 minutes each on the trainer. We were battling it out with fellow Zwifters in New York. The time flew, even though every time they said catch the bikes that passed me I don’t think they realised I was on a Zone 2 ride, haha.

The photos were taken during the 15 minute stint they each did. I think Ryan did more of a HIIT session as he was all or nothing flat out sprints. After that it was time for them to shower and recover so I swapped bikes and did the other two hours outside on the TT bike. Even though this was not with the kids in tow, it was definitely a more comfier ride outside on the TT bike and the weather was perfect. A great way to finish the week. This coming week is the exact same training sessions so I’m looking forward to much of the same and having a great training week.

It is now two weeks to the Olympic triathlon and I can’t be happier. Weight isn’t coming off, but I can’t have everything I suppose. I’m just concentrating on training and eating healthier rather than stressing over every calorie. If this plan doesn’t work and I don’t reduce it by the time the next race in a few weeks I may start using my Fitness Pal again. However at the moment I don’t want to over complicate things and stress over it. I will see how I get on.

-Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and Half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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