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Month: June 2019

How to Incorporate BOOST Training Into Your Cycle Training

Want to BOOST your FTP or cycling fitness in a short period of time? Join this webinar to find out how incorporating BOOST training and recovery into your training regime can surge your cycling fitness and kick start a programme.

Clatters Chatter: What I’ve Learnt

Hey guys today I will talk about what I learnt and improvements I can do, from my race at Nationals and what I can apply to my next race to do better and achieve a better result. I will also…

Thursday Training Plan: Faster Cycling Tour de France Challenge

Want to get fitter and faster and improve your FTP over the duration of the Tour de France? This programme is designed for cyclists of all abilities that want to improve their FTP.

Di’s Expereience at the Great Wall of China Half Marathon

16 May 2018 and Janne posts this on the Qwik Kiwi House FB page “Finally had the go ahead from Ray who said to “Dream big and live the dream”.  Suzy Monds’ inspirational story and my success running the Rotorua…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Simulating a 70.3 or Half Ironman Ride

The weekend is a opportunity to get a long ride completed. This ride is a challenging one that I get a range of my athletes who are preparing for an event that involves a long cycle to do. Although primarily focused on those doing a 70.3 or Half Ironman it provides a good training stimulus for triathletes racing longer (such as an Ironman and even Ultraman) as well as cyclists doing centuries and other cycling events.

UltraHumps: Charity Ride Report

Ever spent six hours on an Exercycle, staring at a clock that doesn’t appear to be getting any closer to the finish time, or a speedo that doesn’t appear to be getting any closer to the 160 Km or 100…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 56: Wig & Wog

Have got a few walks in, a short jog and a bike. Not really training, rather, enjoyment. And if I enjoy it, I’ll tend do it. Kids, dog and I have been strolling and its been good. I just make…

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