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Month: June 2019

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Ups and Downs!

This week’s gone pretty quickly if I’m honest, to think its time again for me to write a blog. I was like ahhh, what can I write! A few things have come to mind and I have had a few…

Friday Fartlek Run: VO2 Max 10x 1min

Improving your VO2 Max will enable you to run at higher intensities. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to Half Marathon in distance.

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

“2 minutes to the start, my heart racing as I am getting ready for the starters gun.” Hey guys, today I will be talking about my Race day at the New Zealand Secondary School National Cross Country Race and how…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Bicycling Mag’s Speed Intervals

This is a windtrainer session that is great for improving your power and speed, as well as your ability to recover qwikly from high intensity efforts. Although targeted towards road cyclists, mountain bikers & draft-legal triathletes, it is a good off season fitness session for non-draft-legal triathletes.

UltraHumps: Charity Relay Run

Hi blog followers and welcome to another addition where one of the Nations in this location was running a relay for charity in the sun, all in the name of a T-Shirt to make one brave the elements…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 55: A Pea Soup Kinda Day.

Hello week 55!!! Nice of you to show up so soon, as I knew you would!!! I’m glad I got off my chuff and biked this morning because that guilty feeling instantly disappeared and was replaced with a few endorphins…

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