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How to Incorporate BOOST Training Into Your Cycle Training

Want to BOOST your FTP or cycling fitness in a short period of time? Join this webinar to find out how incorporating BOOST training and recovery into your training regime can surge your cycling fitness and kick start a programme.

What is BOOST Training? BOOST Training involves including specific intervals (and recovery) at appropriate intensities to ensure your body adapts quickly to the physiological demands and has you riding faster and more powerfully in a short period of time.

Webinar Times

  • Eastern Standard 7pm Tuesday 3rd July
  • Pacific Standard 4pm Tuesday 3rd July
  • Eastern Australian Time 9am Wednesday 4th July
  • NZ Time 11am Wednesday 4th July
  • UK time 1am Wednesday 4th July
Qwik Kiwi

I have 19 years working as a professional triathlon and cycling coach and have used this style of workouts to BOOST a cyclist’s fitness in a short period of time

Have you found your fitness lagging behind your friends and training partners and want a qwik boost to your fitness?

Attending this webinar you will discover how to BOOST your cycling fitness in a time span of only a few weeks. Some of the key workouts that I employ with my athletes to boost their fitness. And most importantly how to recover quickly from these sessions.

A video of the presentation will be available after the webinar if you have registered but can’t attend. At the conclusion of the webinar I will be opening up to answer any questions you may have.

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