UltraHumps: Charity Ride Report

Ever spent six hours on an Exercycle, staring at a clock that doesn’t appear to be getting any closer to the finish time, or a speedo that doesn’t appear to be getting any closer to the 160 Km or 100 Mile mark, all in the name of Charity. This is how it went…

Game on and all smiles with chatter.

In a recent previous blog:

I mentioned an event we were doing in the future to raise funds for the Royal Air Force Association (RAF Association) in the UK, whilst deployed to my present location. A couple of guys from the RAF mentioned to us they were running an event dubbed 100, and were being a bit vague about it, apart from saying it was for the RAF Association Charity. We were given the impression it was a 100 Km event, and although we knew it would be on an Exercycle, I knew I could mutton out that boredom to ensure I received the free T-Shirt. Once they got the entry fee from me and my boss (after I convinced my boss we should do it), they confirmed the 100 meant 100 miles, so it will be 160 Km’s and 6 hours.

In the early stages, all smiles with the boss in the middle (UltraHumps in Black) before the effects of illness caught up with the boss.

Of course we did have the option to do it as a relay or do lesser distances or time, but for me a charity is a charity, so I suggested to my boss that we do it as a relay to cover the total required distance of 160 Km’s or 6 hours. He is a keen cyclist, way better than me, but I think the idea of that long on an Exercycle will definitely test the mental resilience. So we rocked up on the day and thought we’d whack it out. As the day approached though my boss was coming down with flu like symptoms. I suggested he didn’t do it as he looked bad on the day, let alone sounded like crap when he spoke. He probably thought the cheek of you, you stubborn git Humps. So we managed to score Exercycles side by side and thought 3 hours and we’re done. The boss reached 50 Km’s taking his time over two hours then withdrew, a wise decision. I told him I’ll do the 4 hours and that will make our 6 hours as a relay. The 4 hour mark come around and the stubborn git streak kicked in. I stayed for 6 hours and reached 160+ Km’s, after all not only was I getting a free T-Shirt, but the support crews roped in from the UK contingent where I am based were feeding us non stop, so hey why miss out on all of that.

Sore Butt and chatter has slowed

Members of the Kiwi Contingent who were watching the World Cup Cricket popped in between Overs to see how I was going, the boss realised I hadn’t came back and knew the real stubborn git must still be going, so came in to offer support nearing the 6 hour mark, as I was feeling the effects of my thighs burning, let alone a sore butt, but best of all I got to fly the Kiwi flag at a British event which had them all smiling.

NZ Flag on Display

6 hours, 161.7 Km’s, 400 British Pounds raised for the RAF Association Charity…job done! Stay tuned team for next weeks blog, regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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