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Hi blog followers and welcome to another version of my weekly blog within Coach Ray’s Qwik Kiwi Website. After finishing the two challenges I wrote about for last week, I thought I might take it easy. Yeah Nah! The Physical Training Instructor (PTI), which Coach Ray was one in his Army life, came up with a Challenge to challenge peoples fitness, “One Hour on an Exercycle, I’ll tell the rules when you get to the Gym, there is a T-Shirt available” (I’m in)…

So not quite one of these, bad boys, but you get the similarity!

So Murph, the Aussie PTI, put the Challenge out there, my boss was away so I entered him along with myself, and few others from our contingent jumped in. We had no idea what was involved, but the 6 of us turned up ready to go, we only knew it was going to be for an hour, better than the last Indoor Cycling event I did here, where I was stuck on the Indoor Cycle for 6 hours. Murph gave us a brief “You need a team of 10, you have 5 bikes, each member must ride so you have to swap around, total distances covered after an hour wins”.

So we looked at the other 3 teams from different Nations who were fully manned with the correct amount of 10 people and thought “bugger”. A couple of Americans turned up without a team so we grabbed them and went for it. A quick discussion on who would cycle first, who would rotate with whom, noting it would be a juggling act as we didn’t have two people per bike, but it was all about getting involved.

Over the hour I did the first 20 mins then jumped off for the next person, thinking I’d probably get a 10 minute plus break, 5 minutes later someone else wanted a break, so back onto a different bike for another 20 minutes, thinking cool, that’s me done, 5 mins later I was back on, so out of the 1 hour I rode for almost 50 minutes as fast as my little legs would take me. Man did the sweat pour off us, but it was such great fun with people of different fitness levels or different cycling experience just cranking it.

My boss and an American on the Podium for us in 2nd place. (Murph holding up the T-Shirt).

We covered a total of 181.1 Km’s in the hour between the 5 bikes rotating between us 6 Kiwi’s and 2 Yanks. We got second overall just a few km’s behind the winning team who we found out later had 12 people to rotate through their 5 bikes (Poms), so we were pretty happy. We bet the other two teams entered who were Aussies, so with the Bledisloe Cup in the cabinet, it just adds to the ribbing…

Stay tuned team as I continue my journey. Regards John Humphries (Aka Humps, Aka UltraHumps)!

UltraHumps will be writing weekly blogs as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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