Clatters Chatter: Ready, Set, Go!

We have finished school, yay! But now the dreaded exams have got underway. Instead of hearing a gun going off for a running race I’m hearing the exam lady at the front saying “you can start”.

Well the training has cut back due to study and preparation for my exams, as I would like to get some good marks in them. Exams, I find a little stressful as I know I need to do well, but I put so much pressure on my myself to do this.

me on a run

Its a bit like my running races I always aim for the best times and always come up a little short and I am a little disappointed and believe I can do better. Well enough about my life and exams.

Ok, so as we head into late November I am going to get back to training again and try and get fitter, so some mates and I can go tramping and also I am going to be running part of the Molesworth farm track in early January. Its like 208km one way but we are driving it but I am keen to run about 50km. Its also at great attitude, almost 1500m above sea level so it will help me get fit faster one hopes!

This week I had a great run as well, I ran up the Richmond hills for the first time in a while and found it quite exhilarating. Weaving my way up the hills again, finding the paths and discovering some great memories.

I am also going to do the Buller again this year in a team doing 10km each and I hope to run even faster next year than in previous years.

Well I hope you liked listening to my plans about what I am going to do for the future, but now I have to get back to some exam revision, the next one is mathematics!

By Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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