Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 4]: Kitten Update

Update on the kittens that I found last week. They are very happy with full belly’s, they are already getting bigger and more playful which is a good sign.

This week in my training it was my first week back into full swing with no interruptions other than the kittens pushing back my Sunday training to Monday.

I am happy that I am back into it I really enjoy the range of trainings that triathlon offers. I love that there’s hard easy and steady trainings it gives it more excitement and dimension that I didn’t used to get when I was just full time swimming, the repetitive trainings slowly started to get to me, and now that I’m only doing equal amounts of trainings swimming has become more exciting.

I have recently signed up for my next triathlon which will be held in Taupo in the next few weeks and this time I will be racing in 16-19 year old age group for the sprint distance triathlon, the last time I raced I wasn’t old enough to qualify for this distance so Im really looking forward to see how it feels and pans out on race day. This will also give me a feel on how my trainings are going and what i feel need improvement or working on.

– Jessica

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