Barb Frost’s Testimonial for Coach Ray


Ray asked me to write a testimonial for him and my first thought was “absolutely”!

My name is Barb Frost. I am currently 46 years old and have been a runner for over ten years.  Last year (2015) I decided to compete in my first half marathon for which I did my own training and subsequently entered the Queenstown NZ full marathon held on 21 November 2015.

Six weeks out from the Queenstown Marathon, feeling nearly burnt out from over training I found Coach Ray online.  This was the best thing to happen to me at that stage of my training!  Ray was able to coach me through the remaining six weeks to event day.  I completed and surpassed my own expectations.

The training I received was excellent.  I learned the importance of running at set pace zones and as a result my fitness levels definitely increased.

My next challenge is the Motatapu Offroad Marathon which I jokingly told Ray I might like to do some day.  He said “No problem. I can coach you for that”.

He has helped me make that dream a reality.  If you are looking for a coach who knows what they are talking about then I can definitely recommend Ray as your man.

– Barb Frost

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