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UltraHumps: Life Through the Earthquake

Hi blog followers

Welcome to Blog # 19.

img_3207-3Well what a week which started with the tragedy of two fatalities in the earthquake down south.  My thoughts are with their families and the rest of New Zealand as we all are involved with the earthquake one way or another, particularly those that suffered damages or emotional feelings.  I was in Hawkes Bay about to head to Wairoa in the morning for a Powhiri and was woken to such a long house shake that I thought it must of been centered locally, only to realise the 7.8 earthquake was in the Kaikoura region.  I can only imagine how horrifying it must of been for those in the vicinity.

army-crestI picked up another injury this week with a strain to my right calf during the high intensity running Coach Ray had me doing during that session.  I immediately stopped the high intensity reps to prevent further damage and tried slow jogging / walking.  I then had to revert to walking home covering the distances, so my training two weeks out from the 3 Half Ironman events over 3 consecutive weekends in December has had to revert to swimming, cycling and walking.  I will slowly build up my running under the careful guidance of Coach Ray and my Physio.

qwik-kiwi-webThis weeks Blog is dedicated to my sponsors of the organisation I sponsor.  First and foremost is to the Fallen Heroes Trust where I fundraised this year when doing Ultraman Australia, by raising funds for the children of the Fallen Heroes.  I am repeating this by fundraising again for the children of the Fallen Heroes through this 3+2+1=Charity events.  My sponsors which help me make this all possible is Off-Limits who provided me financial support, the NZ Army for the Representation Leave for myself and my Support Crew and financial support through the Singapore Fund, and Anodyne Services Australia who provided us with anything and everything we needed, ranging from two 4WD vehicles to chilly bins to radios or anything else that would be of assistance.  Last but definitely not least is Qwik Kiwi with Coach Ray getting me there, and every member of Team Qwik Kiwi getting behind me with this venture.

1186_201666873291154_1084777291_nTake care blog followers, and I hope your families and residence are safe and well after the quake.

Regards UltraHumps (aka Humps – John Humphries).



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