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Hi team

I am almost at the end of my overseas holiday then I will be back to the reality of work lol.

This week we first moved to Las Vegas and took the first day off training to have a look around. Well that didn’t quite work out as a day off as we headed out of the hotel about 0900 hours and the Nevada Desert heat hit us straight away, given that Las Vegas is a city built on a desert. We walked for a couple of hours in a very dry heat of over 100+ Fahrenheit or 40+ Celsius.  The locals were telling us it is starting to cool down with their summer heading towards autumn!  Really? It was definitely indoor treadmill training for this kid.

We headed for San Francisco for the last part of the week. What a contrast between the two cities. At the airport  in Vegas you are met by pokie machines and once off the aircraft or checked in for your outgoing flight you have to catch a train for your baggage belt or departure gate. San Francisco is very much like a New Zealand major airport, as is the temperature. In Vegas you would have to jump into buildings to get some aircon even at midnight.  In San Francisco we jumped into buildings to get some warmth. It got to about 40+ Fahrenheit or about 18 Celcius which is very comfortable in New Zealand, but felt very cold after the Nevada heat.

I still used the hotel treadmills and exercycles though.  To celebrate Mel’s birthday we took a day off training of sorts, by signing out a couple of courtesy bikes from the hotel and cycling over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and into a quaint area called Sausalito for lunch then back again.

Of course the courtesy bikes made it fun and games for the 2-3 hours of slow cycling, with the chain coming of Mel’s bike, the nut and bolt were shredded on both bikes so we couldn’t adjust the seats which were too low, and the tyre pressure wasn’t exactly looking too flash with no pumps to be found. Having only 7 gears made the few hills different to what I am use to, but we had a great day.

Take care team and I’ll keep you updated on my continued journey to the Cameron Brown Award and Iron Maori Series with my next blog coming from New Zealand.


John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for the Fallen Hero’s Trust

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