Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Busy Week

It has been a pretty busy week, which has flown by!

I’ll start where I left off from last Friday with the pull in my neck. It did ease off slightly for the weekend and was fine to run on so I completed the long run and interval run. Unfortunately in the aero position my neck was still a bit sore so  regrettably I had to miss the long bike again, which brings me onto my goals for this week.

I’ve made two goals for this coming week and neither should be too taxing!

  1. All Green!! This is no compromise. Three weeks in a row I’ve missed one of my sessions. If I’m serious about my goals of a 5 hour half ironman this coming August, this has to be rectified. I will have no chance of achieving it unless I commit to all sessions each week. I know Ray puts a lot of work into the sessions and I feel I’m wasting my time and Ray’s if I don’t commit to regularly achieving all green sessions!
  2. Nutrition! Well I thought I was eating relatively healthy, but I have been eating a few naughty treats which I can definitely avoid!  I weighed myself at 80.8kg today! So I’ve gained a kilogram instead of losing weight. Now I definitely have weight to lose and the trisuit is already snug. So I’ve set myself a target to “eat better”. I’ve had pretty good success with using the My Fitness Pal app and tracking everything I eat. So my goal is to stick to using that this week and hopefully see some change in weight. When I did the Isoman triathlon back in 2016 I weighed 76.4kg. So if I can get to that or lower I’ll be really happy before the start of the tri season in April. Time will tell but tracking everything with the app will definitely stop me shuffling rubbish in my face!

So that’s my main focus this week and time will tell if it’s a success.  Writing these blogs really helps as it’s a big motivator to me as I don’t want to come back here next week and write a negative blog!

On that note you can follow my progress on Instagram at #Qwikkiwi and I look forward to writing again next week. Any questions just let me know and thank you for reading.

– Mike Catton





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