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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: From Here to There

Another week has gone by!

Since I started writing these blogs the weeks are flying by!

I have mixed feelings about training this week. So far it has gone great, positive swim session, and a really great bike hill session on Zwift. I managed 5 x 4 mins at 250w. That session was definitely my highlight this week.  It was one of those sessions that hurts but it’s good pain if that makes sense. I just knew I would complete the session and I was gutted when it ended to be honest. I was definitely in the zone with that one! Haha

Now it would be great if I could just end this blog here.  Unfortunately it has gone a bit downhill from this morning.  It’s Friday morning here and I’m currently sitting on my couch writing this and struggling to move my neck side to side. Not ideal when I’ve got a big weekend of training coming up.

I’ve had this injury before and it’s a slight pull in my neck.  IIt usually happens when my shoulder and neck are tight. Strangely enough it was nothing to do with training.  I pulled it by trying to get Halloween decorations out of the loft, of all things! Usually it’s a bit tight for a few days and then I’m back to fighting fit.  More of an annoyance more than an injury!

Now what to do this weekend?

I’ve got  three key workouts.  If I rest my neck tonight I’m inevitably going to miss one.  I am reluctant to do this, but I’d prefer to miss one than then the entire weekend! Now I’ve got a hill run, a 3 hour bike with a 10 min run off it and my long run of 1 hour 20 mins.

Now I’m sure Ray will correct me if I’m wrong but my thinking is with my first race of 2019 only 10 weeks away which is a half marathon I’m keen to not miss the long run so I’m keen to complete that Sunday. The other key one I’m thinking is the brick with the long bike and short run off it. As the title of this blog is middle distance magic I feel the long bike is key and from my experience of previous 70.3s I’ve completed I’ve had nothing left after getting off the bike. So bike endurance is pretty key.

Anyways now time to jump in the bath with the Epsom salts to hopefully relax my shoulder and back so I can complete these two workouts!

Check out my progress on Instagram at #qwikkiwi

I’ll be next week with how my training is going.  Thanks for reading

– Mike Catton

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