Lisa’s Journey, Week 24: I want to ride my bicycle…

I’ve been on the bike this week, because of my foot. So I’ve been going to places I haven’t biked in a while.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised when noticing  progress!

To start the week off I headed on my normal route,  Earlier I had chatted to a neighbour who had carried on up the road and ran round the loop bush track before biking home. I’m not quite to the getting off and running the loop track all in one session yet (I will one day though), but thought I would add the wee extra part of the road into my ride. It’s quite a steep wee buggar.  Of course I can only write from ‘my point of view’., but I was chuffed and somewhat puffed!  My glasses were fogging and sweat beads rolling, but I got to the top without stopping, which is all I’d told myself to do. And PS, it’s steeper than the photo looks. Haha.

I’ve borrowed a friends spin bike for a while, which has been a God send. On the day it was bucketing down, and the day that got away on me, it was super handy to know, I could jump on quickly, once the kids were in bed and get it done (in the safety of my own home haha). I actually started reading a book while doing it to help time pass called – “Let Your Mind Run, by Deena Kastor”, which my friend also leant me – about four months ago.!  So I’m killing two birds with one stone.  Because it’s about her running career, when she goes into detail about her races, once she had finished the race, I realised I was actually biking faster too.

I’ve also wanted to head up the Puhi Puhi Valley, it’s a scenic valley which climbs up and gradually claimed my energy and made my legs work. I had in my head I was getting to the top today and nothing was going to stop me. But 12kms up, my wifey made a call for me to turn home (because we had places to be and it may have possibly taken me the rest of the afternoon to get up there!).

I was happy to follow her wise instruction. I felt like I’d kinda failed, since I didn’t get to where ‘I wanted too, but as she kindly pointed out (again), we will simply build on that and beat that distance on the next ride.  I know, I have to stop thinking Rome was built in a day and that good things do take time, however the reward of more down hill home, was all I needed to forget the slog up – until we meet again Puhi!

I finished the week off with a ride, and a lovely bit of resistance training. Blimmin’ wind, whatever direction I went, it felt like it changed just so it could blow at me head on, however all is well,- can’t have it too easy all the time.

Right, I’m nodding out here so. Will see what this week brings. Not long now till the Marlborough Women’s Triathlon in Blenheim.

Over and out!

– Lisa Harris

Now that Lisa has completed the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run, she has agreed to continue writing to continue to inspire other people out there to get started and make a positive change. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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