Lisa’s Journey, Week 48: Tuning Into Nature

The kids, dog and I decided to take an ANZAC day bush walk. It was such a beautiful day and I enjoyed walking the track I normally bike, because I got to see so much more! When I’m biking I can’t normally look around or take my focus off the track, or trees tend to jump out in front of me.

The birds were in full swing and the cute wee fantails joined us along the way – such entertaining birds. It was nice just to be in the bush and see what nature had on offer for us today. We found heaps of the shed cicada skins. Some very funky fungus and on cue my girl pipes up, “Hey my best mate is a fungus. He’s a real fun-guy.”.

I have done a couple of bike rides and enjoyed my walk with the kids. I did jog parts of it with them, only to realise that I will be starting again from the start with any form of running when I do. I did manage to jog couple of minutes at a time and I didn’t totally die, but it’s gutting to realise how quickly you lose fitness, plus I feel like I’ve hit the wall lately. I feel tired and worn out. Maybe it is because I’m due to turn a year older haha

I may be falling off the wagon, but I’m still being dragged, I’ve not let go! My heel is still rearing its ugly head, a little more than normal lately, and especially after our walk. So when I get the chance I will return to podiatrist to get an update.

We helped pick all Grandy and Grandma’s pumpkins yesterday and now we are looking forward to some good old pumpkin soup!! I did see a wee sign that was fitting for Anzac Day amongst the all the weeds in the pit hole – a wee poppy was blooming!


If you have kindly taken the time to read my blog to here, then one, thank you so much! It makes it all feel worth while! The coach has a competition running and I’d say considering the competitors that the competitive spirit is high! So two, could you please leave a wee comment at the end of the blog basically to prove someone does actually read these. I personally would love to hear your own personal journey, but if you’d rather not, a simple hi is fine. Thanks in advance for your support.

Lisa x

Never loose sight of the desire to get to your destination… wherever that may be!!

In 2018 Lisa took up the challenge of getting fit to do the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. That ticked off, she has agreed to continue writing with the hope that she can inspire even the most stubborn (such as herself) to get out there, set challenges and make positive change in their life. No one said it will be easy, but it will be worth it!!

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  1. Avid reader of your blog Lisa. You’ve got an awesome way with words and I love your sheer honesty. I’m sure it helps others who are also struggling.
    Keep up the good work and hope the heel doesn’t hold you back too much.
    Di sand I leave for the GW marathon in China in 13tm more sleeps so all very exciting.

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