Ali’s Adventure – Race Time!

Well you can never be too prepared, so she thought! I had all the pre-race prep done. Even the grey matter was prepared, a few nerves but the good type. Weather was stunning, no wind too! Nutrition on board, feeing good.

But…with 30mins to the start, I got the race registration and went to get the bike off the car (I had checked the bike earlier, all was in fine form!). I went to roll it down the hill and go check in. Front wheel didn’t move. Panic. A deep breath and I bent down to see what the hell was going on, this is when it dawned on me that someone had backed into the truck and hit the front wheel. My rotor was bent, wheel fudged, completely buckled. Luckily I had race support, she was my calm head. Bike shop, 10mins away, lets go!

When it’s your local bike shop, and you run in, full lycra, wheel above your head, and “Help, ahhhh, can you fix it?” You know they are going to sort you out. 5 mins later, new rotor, busting it back to the start line. There wasn’t enough time to true the wheel, but I decided I just had to still race. Nothing to loose and now I was a wee bit psyched up to say the least!

Coach Ray & I at the finish line!

The course was great, off road hills, what I love. So I just picked the guys back wheel in front of me and got to work. Despite the train of three guys that drafted me half of the way, I was out there at the front like my race plan. Down hill was interesting with the buckled front wheel looking like it might wobble off at any moment. My goal was under an hour, I came in a few seconds over. I was ok with this though given the state of the bike. Pretty stoked to win, and second overall too (ooooweeee do I love beating the guys hehehe). Great to come in down the finish line and then catch up with Coach Ray as he ran the half marathon. A medal, beer and some jetplanes. Happy camper.

Great race all round, motivation is high for the next race now! And if you’re thinking this event looks good, I’d highly recommend K2M next year.


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