UltraHumps: Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!

Hi Blog Followers, and welcome to my next Blog which is about working out how to swim when I don’t have a swimming pool…Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!

As you area aware for the frequent readers I am overseas, and whilst I have found various locations for cycling like out on a 50 Km Cycle Track purposely built in the desert, or hitting the roads that have there own restrictions of when we are able to use, or the sun that lets us know who is boss, I have also found a circuit I use for running or walking. When this fails, I have the opportunity like all of us to use a Gym and smack training out on a Treadmill or Exercycle. But what about swimming?

I was talking with a guy from another nation who occasionally comes along when we go on our cycling excursions in the desert. Whilst he has frequently became involved in Triathlon / Ironman, he told me of an ingenious way he found to swim in their short pool, which is a back up plan for a burns unit i.e. if an accident and you need to get some water on someone or if someone is hitting heat stroke, throw them in this pool of water. We have one of these as well, which as a guess, is about 6 metres by about 2 metres. Simply get a bungie chord and loop a couple of elastic hoops through it and away you go (see feature photo). Of course, this is nothing new and the real deal has been patented and on the market for years, but how the hell were we going to get our hands on the real deal in this location.

I would like to say a bit of Kiwi ingenuity, but can’t take the bragging rights for this design, however he is from another nation and extremely proud of how this works, and he swims with it in one spot for about 30 minutes at a time. So now my turn to make one and give it a go. I did find a coil of bungie chord in a container so swiped that and will return the left over before anyone notices it missing. I found some elastic at a local tailor and showed him the feature photo, he thought I was nuts when I explained what it was to be used for. But hey this is what the end result looks like…

Stay tuned team as I have now found the ways of training for the three disciplines of Triathlon / Ironman / Ultraman: Swimming, Cycling and Running in this location. Regards John Humphries (aka Ultrahumps).

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