Ultrahumps: Challenge # 4

Hi blog followers and welcome to another blog, with yet another challenge. I am concurrently doing 3 challenges as a solo effort and have found this crazy one as a team effort to make Challenge # 4, so what is it?

7 Mountains T-Shirt (194,914 Feet)
1000 Km T-Shirt

The first three Challenges are simple, simple in the success (well maybe), but not simple to be exempt pain and suffering, with the first two Challenges getting a free T-Shirt at the finish line and the 3rd Challenge will be a personal smile at the finish line. To refresh memories, the 1st Challenge was to Run/Walk 1000 Km’s during my six month deployment overseas, and the 2nd Challenge was to climb the 7 Mountains of the Desert on a Jacobs Ladder totaling 194,914 feet on that damn thing. But hey these are the free T-Shirts to get you there.

The 3rd Challenge to keep you interested, or amused is the 12 Week Body For Life Challenge. There is no free T-Shirt at the finish line for this one, so it’s all about a personal achievement to break bad habits, lose weight, tone up and focus.

Swimming in one spot (it’s like swimming in a hot bath)
Ya learn to hate this thing!

So what is this 4th Challenge all about that UltraHumps has come up with? Well it’s a Challenge that has no free T-Shirt, and as a further twist it is a challenge that I know I won’t finish. The Feature Photo is a World Map / Atlas, and one of the team came up with a brain wave about lets chase the distance from our current location back to NZ. And he’s not even a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) like Coach Ray is, because that’s the sort of punishment that PTI’s come up with. I say I won’t finish it, because without saying to much about location it’s ‘over’ 14,000 Km’s to NZ and we have six months to do it in, with each persons distance adding to the total distance figure. I won’t be here for that long, but I’ll be adding as much as I can in my spare time to the teams efforts. The guy has come up with a chart or gauge or something that he found on-line, so you can use a multitude of exercises to add to the total distance.

Run Humps Run…
Bugger – Damn it’s hot!

The three main exercises that I will smash to cover my distances are as per the photos… Pool, Exercycle and Treadmill, all indoor stuff as it is smacking 50 Celcius lately. Stay tuned team as I continue my journey of craziness. Regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps!).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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