UltraHumps: 3 x Challenges Updates…

Hi blog followers and welcome to another blog as I head towards the closure and start of another year in the life of UltraHumps. To mark the occasion in my 50’s, reflection is provided on an update of the 3 Challenges I am conducting of: 1 – Running 1000 Km’s, 2 – Climbing 194,914+ feet, 3 – 12 Week Body For Life Challenge.

Firstly I’ll apologise to the Qwik Kiwi athlete who owns the feature photo for this article, I can’t recall which one of us crazy athletes owns it, but I was scrolling through Coach Ray’s Media Library searching for one of my photo’s to use and thought this one is an excellent appropriate one for my blog.

1000 Km on this Bad Boy
Battling the sun and heat!

So as you will recall I came across a couple of Challenges when hiding in the Gym, and I don’t mean hiding to dodge work, I mean hiding to dodge the sun and heat, as at the time of writing this article it is almost 0430 hours (4:30 AM), and whilst the sun is about to come up and hit us, it is already in the 20’s and shorts and T-Shirt weather. The first Challenge I started was Run or Walk 1,000 Km’s over a 6 month period, but it had to be a physical training session, in other words don’t throw on a fit-bit and spend all day walking around and count your steps, hit the PT Kit. This sounded like a bit of me, especially when ya get a free T-Shirt for ya troubles. I wasn’t planning on an injury almost as soon as I started though, which meant an over-pronation (or something like that) in my left foot. I could Run or Walk okay, it just gave me grief post activity to walk around on. So how to complete it, the Physio has me hitting the treadmill as the belt is softer than smacking the tarmac, but man is it as boring as hell… Distance to date covered, over 600 Km’s down.

Coach Ray will roll his eyes back!
Jacobs Ladder – Ya love to hate this contraption!

The next Challenge I came across was climb the 7 Peaks of Desert Mountains which had a total of almost 195,000 feet, well 194,914 feet, so being a stubborn git I had already decided to round it up to 195,000 and then decided that was dumb so went for the even rounder figure of 200,000. Before ya wonder if I’ve gone walkabout in the sun, you have to use this thing called the Jacobs Ladder in the Gym. Man that makes ya legs burn and I started out by tackling between 1000 to 3000 steps at a time, then thought sod this, so now I smack out 5000 steps at a time (crazy or stubborn, the jury is out). The good thing about it, it doesn’t leave my foot in discomfort post activity. Distance covered to date 140,000 feet down.

1000 Km T-Shirt
7 Peaks (194,914 Ft) T-Shirt

My third Challenge is the 12 Week Body For Life Challenge. Whilst I haven’t hit the Weights like most do, choosing to smack myself about on the Treadmill and Jacobs Ladder instead, I have lost 7 Kg’s since I started by keeping a diary on the exercise I complete each day, as well as the nutrition I eat each day, the later not always successful. Unlike the other two challenges, there is no free T-Shirt at the finish line, so that makes this one the hardest lol.

12 Week Challenge

Stay tuned team as I continue to my journey to chase down Challenges, all in the name of free T-Shirts lol, and yes I know, it would be less painful just to go and buy one, but that would be cheating!

Regards John Humphries (Aka UltraHumps).

Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for Charitable causes.

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