Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Back to Green!

It’s always hard getting back into a routine after holiday, never mind trying to get back into training for 3 sports. If you read last weeks blog I’ve been on a 2 week holiday where I just concentrated on running. As a triathlete though we need to work on 3, hence the title of the blog!

It’s obviously rubbish coming back off holiday and I could of quite easily stayed but a tiny bit within me was glad to get back and start biking and swimming again.

Well this week has gone well. Ray has put some hill reps into this weeks training and I was happy to see 5 x 3 mins at 240w. Last year I was doing these workouts about 30w higher but let’s not dwell on that! I was happy to complete the workout and really happy to even do the last set at a slightly higher power, hoping signs of good things to come!

5 x 3 mins at 106 to 120% of ftp

I also had my swim planned for Friday a 2600m Swim with 4 x 400m swim set with 20 seconds recovery. I was happy to be swimming and happy to be in the water, but my speed was shocking. Averaging nearly 2 mins per 100m. I’ve really got some work to do over the winter!

Now this brings me onto what usually is where I normally bring onto all the excuses in the world why I failed the long bike and run on the weekend. Well not this week, I’m writing this on Saturday and my bike is all set up, blade runner 2049 loaded on Netflix (conveniently a 2 hour 45 min film, the same as my long ride this week! Let’s see how it goes 🙂

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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