Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: FTP increase but not all good!

First I’d like to apologise that this blog is late! As the title suggests, the FTP went well but unfortunately not everything about the week!

I’d like to say I knew what happened but to be honest I’ve no idea. The week started out as usual. The Monday stretch routine went as planned and was feeling good going into the FTP the following day.

From my goals in April I had hoped to aim for 250 Watts for the 20 mins, which was pretty ambitious considering that would be my second best power of all time only behind 260 Watts back in November 2018.

A bold goal and one I would really have to work at to achieve. Well I didn’t manage it, however I am please to say I was pretty close! I achieved a 20 min power of 248 Watts resulting a new FTP PB of 237 Watts. Happy days, I’m really chuffed with that. The consistency of the bike training is paying off! Bring on the new training zones.

Unfortunately after that training took a downward turn. I woke up Wednesday morning just feeling really lethargic and drained. I didn’t sleep too well the previous night and just put it down to that and that the FTP test maybe took its toll. So I put off the 5k TT till the following day and just put it down to a poor night’s sleep.

The next day came and I did feel slightly better, I didn’t want to put it off and thought what have I got to lose! Let’s do this!

The first couple of steps I knew I was going to struggle, when it came to the 5k I started at my goal pace of 8 min miles. It felt kind of okay at the start but quickly realised I wasn’t going to hold anywhere near this pace and started to slow. After the first mile I was done, really annoyed with myself and just had to walk.

Unfortunately the rest of the week was a blur of missed sessions and just not feeling myself.

So it’s Monday again and it’s a new week. I am feeling better and determined not to undo all the hard work I’ve put in and get back to green training. So bring it on!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2020. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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