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Tuesday Training Plan: 6 week Faster Cycling Training Plan

2021 is the year to improve your FTP. I’ve got a great plan for you to enhance your FTP over the next 6 weeks. Guaranteed.

This programme is designed for cyclists of all abilities that want to improve their FTP.

This plan starts Monday 8th February, and runs for six weeks. Giving you a number of workouts to develop your fitness and improve your FTP prior over the six week period.

Crafted by myself, Ray Boardman PGDipSportsMed, PGDipRehab, PGCertSc (Exercise Science), BSc (Anatomy), DipSportsStudies this plan encapsulates my passion for the sport, my experience from completing numerous cycling & triathlon events over the last 29 years and coaching many cyclists & triathletes over the last 19 years.

Purchase of this plan gives you access to my fortnightly coaching calls where you can ask me any training or racing related questions.

Over a 4 week period my FTP Boost Training Plan makes improvements of between 6 & 19% of your FTP. This programme will garner a similar improvement over the six weeks.

I’ve put together a package that will help cyclists of all abilities, improve your FTP.

I’m so certain that you will be improve your FTP I have given it a 100% money back guarantee if you haven’t improved your FTP over the duration of the Tour de France. I don’t care what your excuse for not improving over the duration of the Tour de France…..

  • I didn’t do any training…..
  • It was raining…..
  • It was windy…..
  • I slept in…….

I’ll still give you a 100% refund.

How much would you expect to pay for a customised month of coaching that will fit your programme into your current lifestyle? Lets be honest I charge $350 per month for my full coaching package. But I am doing this Faster Cycling 6 Week Challenge for only $147, here is what you get for your money:

  • A dedicated training plan on Training Tilt (value $350)
  • Access to a fortnightly group coaching call (value $20 per call x2 = $40)
  • The Faster Cycling Training Bible (value $17)
  • The Top 20 Cycle Workouts from Coach Ray eBook (value $17)
  • Access to my popular Top 10 Healthy RecipeseBook ($17)
  • Access to my popular 7 Secrets of Endurance Training Success eBook ($7)
  • The dedicated Coach Ray / Qwik Kiwi Coaching support group (priceless)
  • Garmin .FIT files for all run and bike workouts (cherished by Garmin users)
  • Zwift .ZWO files for all bike workouts (worth it’s weight in gold for Zwift users)

You get over $672 worth of products and services all for only $147, saving you over $500. All at no risk, if you don’t improve your FTP you get a full 100% money back guarantee.

Questions? Please visit us on the web at or email myself directly at:

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