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How to Incorporate BOOST Training Into Your Cycle Training

What is BOOST Training? BOOST Training involves including specific intervals (and recovery) at appropriate intensities to ensure your body adapts quickly to the physiological demands and has you riding faster and more powerfully in a short period of time.

Enhance Your Functional Threshold Power Over Winter

Winter is the perfect time to develop your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). Yesterday I hosted a webinar about how to Enhance Your Functional Threshold Power Over Winter.

Run With Power

I’ve written previously about the benefits of run training with power. The benefits are the same as they are for cyclists and can be a massive game changer, as power is a true measure of output rather than the response…

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Creating a Garmin Connect Workout

Do you use a Garmin? This is a great feature of Garmin Connect to load up your workout prior to doing the session. As you do the session your watch or your head unit on the bike will guide you through…

Ironman Training Webinar Replay

So You’ve Done An Ironman ….Now What?

I recently conducted a couple of online seminars (webinars) on the topic of: So You’ve Done An Ironman ….Now What? If you missed it you can watch it here. If you would like further advice feel free to contact Coach…

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