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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Heat, Heat, Heat!

The week I promised to get back on track was hindered by the weather this week! Not very often here in the UK we complain that’s it too hot, its normally the other way round! But this week has been…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Deja Fu test week!

Bit of a weird one this week really, I was hoping last week to have a successful test week for you. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and last week was a let-down! Training wise was pretty much non-existent and a…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its Test Week!

As the title suggests its test week this week, FTP test, CSS and 5k run time trial. I always dread this week but training has gone well and I’m feeling good! So here goes!

Mike Middle Magic: A great week!

Really great week this week loved it and put together some really solid sessions.  Confidence is high and really putting in some good and CONSISTENT  sessions in to the build up to the West Lancs Summer Tri on the 25th…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Ups and Downs!

This week’s gone pretty quickly if I’m honest, to think its time again for me to write a blog. I was like ahhh, what can I write! A few things have come to mind and I have had a few…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Whats Next?

After the highs and lows of last weekend and the 70.3 its now time to reassess and focus on whats left for the rest of the season. Three races down and I’ve got two left. This week has been a…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Olympic Race Report

Where do I start with this. What a race venue and race Epic Events have put on with this race. It was the 8th addition and is a triathlon England National Championship, an ETU standard distance qualifier for the ETU…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its Race Time, Again!

Well its race time! It feels quite strange saying that this year as last year I only did two races all year and this year im doing two in the first month of the season! And I cant wait.

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