Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Whats Next?

After the highs and lows of last weekend and the 70.3 its now time to reassess and focus on whats left for the rest of the season. Three races down and I’ve got two left. This week has been a bit of a relaxed week with a few easier sessions in after rest day, so its allowed me time to think and see where I’m at and what goals I can aspire to achieve for the next two races.

Ive decided my next two races for a couple of reasons. One, I love them, they are definitely my favourite races. And two I have done them before and want to finish the year on a high to build on a “hopefully” consistent summer with pb’s in both my these races, No pressure then!

The first race is the 25th August and is the summer sprint triathlon of the race I did in April, Same course and same distance. Just hopefully better weather as my race report recalls I did after the race!

Now back in April I recalled that my training was pretty hit and miss, however it was a big improving from the training I had previously been doing before I started training under Ray. Well in the last 6 weeks I’ve only missed one session. I’ve got my head in the game now and been putting in some really consistent weeks. Hopefully nothing out of my control will pop up and this will continue.

So I’ve looked back at my result from April and at the time I was pretty happy with it, it was cold and windy which definitely affected my bike but swim and run I was pretty happy with and I did finish strong! Below is my times from April and the times I’m targeting for August.

With any luck, and weather on my side that should be doable! I’ve had another really positive training week this week and put out some really good sessions. Intervals on swim and bike and run have been added to my program and I can’t wait to start tackling these sessions again. At the moment I’m feeling pretty fit and confident and can’t wait to see what Ray has in store for the next 10 weeks.

I’m going to see how these 10 weeks go before I make any form of goals for the A race of the season which is going to be Sandman triathlon 15th September. I have done this race in 2015 and 2016 and I love it. Its a great venue and really well organised event. I’ll do the goals for that race after this first race in august.

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