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Month: June 2019

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Whats Next?

After the highs and lows of last weekend and the 70.3 its now time to reassess and focus on whats left for the rest of the season. Three races down and I’ve got two left. This week has been a…

Friday Fartlek Run: VO2 Max 8x 2min

The ability to run at your top end intensities will enhance your performance. This session works at your VO2 Max intensity, challenging your anaerobic, as well as your aerobic energy systems. This is a perfect session for runners and triathletes running events up to Half Marathon in distance.

Clatters Chatter: Pre-Race Update

Now with less than a week to go until my goal a race of Nationals Cross Country, I am now tapering in my training and trying to find all the right gear to pack to go down to snowy, cold…

Thursday Training Plan: Faster 5km 12 Week Challenge

Want to get fitter and faster for Park Run or another 5km series? Today is the last day I’m accepting athletes on this programme as it commences on Saturday. This programme is designed for runners of all abilities to run…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Bicycling Mag’s Climbing Bursts

This is a windtrainer session that is great for a developing your ability to attack or respond to an attack on a climb. Although targeted towards road cyclists & mountain bikers, it is a good off season fitness session for other triathletes.

UltraHumps: Feeling The Blues Or Hitting The Doldrums!

Hi Blog Followers and welcome to another blog, this one however is a blog with a difference, where UltraHumps was on the eve of walking away from it all. An injury not coming right, motivation questioning my desire, feeling lazy…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 54: A Ray Of Sunshine!

We’ve started ‘Bike Club’ at school. Rather self explanatory. Those kids who are keen, can come along and we go – biking… I figure this is going to be the answer to me getting back into it… everyones all at…

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