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Month: June 2019

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Bicycling Mag’s Ladder Intervals

This is a windtrainer session that is great for a developing your specific race fitness which will help you deal with surges in pace and effort. Although targeted towards road cyclists, mountain bikers and draft-legal triathletes, it is also a…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 53: Excuses… I’m Running Out Of Them.

Disappointed in the lack of my motivation, it has lead me to try crack down on making excuses… (‘try’ being the operative word here)… Its been time, work, the weather, kids, lack of actually wanting too, the list could go…

Ali’s Adventure – Race Time!

Well you can never be too prepared, so she thought! I had all the pre-race prep done. Even the grey matter was prepared, a few nerves but the good type. Weather was stunning, no wind too! Nutrition on board, feeing…

Book of the Month June – Open Water Swimming

This is the go to bible for anyone who swims open water whether triathlete or ocean/lake swimming events. So good is this book that I’ve got two copies on my bookshelf.

Saturday Swim Session: Kick Pull Swim to Dominate Your Next Event

Kick, Pull, Swim is a great set you can use to develop your technique and enhance your swimming This session is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes or people doing longer ocean swims.

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